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Jan 01, 2013 - Dec 31, 2015

West Coast Gi Championships GX61
May 04, 2014
Location: San Diego-Lincoln High

California State No-Gi Championships GX66
Jul 12, 2014
Location: San Diego-Lincoln High

Youth Gi World Championships GX65
Aug 24, 2014
Location: San Diego-Lincoln High
The May Train Is Moving Fast!
In what could be one of the largest Grappling-X events to date, the May 4th tournament at Lincoln High School in San Diego has already exceeded expectations as far as preregistered competitors.  Do not wait to get in this event.  This will be the one tournament the BJJ community will be talking about for the rest of the year.

Also, if you are under the age of 18 this will be the last GX Gi tournament in San Diego before the Youth Gi World Championships in August!  See your competition now so you can take the belt home three months later!  Remember, all Grappling-X matches will be recorded and uploaded to the GrapplingXTV channel on YouTube for absolutely free viewing!  Get you Gi and get on the train!
Long Beach Rolling!
On April 5th Grappling-X returned to Long Beach California for a great day of grappling action!  Congratulations to Selva BJJ for taking home the first place team award.  The proud marines of Fight Club 29 represented well with a strong second place showing and Art Of Jiu-jitsu took a respectable third place. Grappling-X would like to thank all of the athletes and spectators who made it out to this event.
March 30th Central Valley Gi Championships!
Grappling-X returned to Fresno California in a big way.  The largest GX tournament ever held in the Central Valley did not disappoint as the action was as intense on the mats as the emotions were in the stands.

Congratulations to team Elite/Cleber for taking home the grand championship prize.  Elite/Cleber also took first place in the kids divisions with Camarillo BJJ and Camarillo BJJ Visalia taking second and third place respectively.

Elite/Cleber also won first place in the adult divisions with Dethrone Base Camp picking up second and Pacific Martial Arts placing third.  Grappling-X would like to thank everyone who participated and demonstrated patient as our tournament process continues to improve.
Youth Gi World Championships 8/24. Prepare Yourself!
8-24-14 San  Diego poster copy
Some things are worth the wait.  On August 24th in San Diego California, Grappling-X will have its inaugural Youth Gi World Championships!  If you are a grappler under the age of 18 or a parent of a BJJ practitioner, this is the Jiu-jitsu event of 2014!  Grappling-X is taking youth submission tournaments to the next level come fall. 

There will be championship belts awarded to the victors, every match will be filmed and uploaded to GrapplingxTV on YouTube, free of charge and the most dominant schools in Southern California will all be sending their best to take home the team prize and walk away as the top Kids program in the state.  So prepare, because this is what your child has been training for since the first day they tied their own belt!

Be sure to continue to check Grapplingx.com for updates and the soon to be released school showcase video.  This video features some of the best kids programs in the world and how they feel their chances are at this momentous event!  Stay tuned and stay ready!
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